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We Provide Quickbooks® Training & Supportquickbooks training setup and support

QuickBooks®has been designed for businesses and individuals with little to no experience in accounting.  The initial set-up and installation of Quickbooks® must be done correctly for accurate future information.  The information required to correctly configure manual accounting records is also critical to set-up Quickbooks®.  This set-up can be even more complicated if a business owner or individual decides to switch to Quickbooks® mid-year.

Before switching to Quickbooks®, it’s important to answer the following questions to make the transition as smooth as possible:

  • Which accounting method will you use?
  • What chart of accounts do you need for your business?
  • How do you handle your beginning balances?

Quickbooks Intuit Pro-AdvisorThe Value of a Quickbooks® Pro-Advisor

If you don’t know the answers to the above questions, it will probably be in your best interest to contact a Quickbooks® Pro-Advisor to guide you through the correct set-up of this software.  During this set-up a qualified Quickbooks® Pro-Advisor will be able teach you some of the basics of Quickbooks®.  If you’re new to Quickbooks® it is advisable to take a training course, or partner with a Quickbooks® Certified Bookkeeper.

Implementation of any accounting software for a small business requires training and at the very least outside support on an as needed basis.  Financial Connections offers completely customizable solutions to fit any small business need.  From as needed support, to full charge bookkeeping using Quickbooks®, Financial Connections offers it all.

Below is a short list of the services that Financial Connections offers:

  • Study and evaluate your software and accounting needs
  • Recommend software and hardware requirements
  • Install software, design and set up your charge of accounts and your small business’s entire accounting package including payroll, accounts receivable, inventory, accounts payable and more
  • Determination of your QuickBooks® starting date
  • Loading your chart of account and balances as of the chosen starting date
  • Preparation of a list of items that you sell to your clients. This list includes services, inventory parts, non-inventory parts, other charges and sales tax information
  • Entering your small business’s outstanding accounts receivable and accounts payable details as of your starting date
  • Entering your ending-statement bank balances and outstanding checks and deposits in-transit as of your starting date
  • Printing a trial balance as of the chosen starting date and comparing it to your trial balance from your former accounting system
  • Entering transactions undertaken since your starting date into QuickBooks®
  • Train client or client staff in the use of the software so they can properly update and maintain accounting, management and tax needs.

Quickbooks® Training and Support

Ongoing Accounting Support Services available from Financial Connections include:quickbooks training and supports portland oregon vancouver washington

  • Follow-up training sessions
  • Monthly, quarterly, or annual review of client QuickBooks® data to assist in tax preparation and preparation of management reports

Financial Connections is experienced at working with many small businesses in the Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR area.  Deciding to move accounting software can be a challenge for even the smallest businesses,  having an experienced professional organization on your side during this transition will make it much easier.  If you are in need to Quickbooks® set-up or training, call us today.

All consultations are free of charge.

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